VMS Programs

DSI offers an automated, centralized, web-based VMS program, capable of receiving and processing temporary requisitions. As soon as a requisition is received (via VMS, email, or phone call from a client), the requisition is entered into our system. At that point, not only is our local, dedicated team working on bringing the best consultant to the project, but our entire national recruiting team is notified and work collaboratively in our system for the client’s benefit. DSI’s VMS program screens for legitimacy, quality and time of response.

This system is cloud based and through the opening dashboard, our team can see all open requirements in real time. We are able to view phone calls and emails going out to candidates for those openings, as well as when candidates have responded who are interested in the job opportunity. This automation lets everyone know which openings look promising for coverage and which they should focus on next. After these initial steps are taken, candidates are then able to move forward to the next steps of screening, submittal, and placement.

We currently have over 300 vetted strategic partners registered in our VMS program and these partners are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. DSI recently won the VMS programs Excellence Award for Best Company Expansion. VMS programs allow our recruiting team to “work smarter, not harder,” providing us with the proper tools needed to bring our clients the most qualified candidates for their open positions.