> Biking/Running Trail in Raleigh, NC

One of the main cities where we place candidates is Raleigh, NC. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and there are several reasons why. Not only does Raleigh boast one of the best school systems in the US (http://www.greatschools.org/find-a-school/moving/slideshows/2287-top-public-schools-large-cities.gs), a solid IT Industry foundation and a diverse cultural experience, but it maintains several large parks. From camping to hiking to boat rentals, the parks around Raleigh have something for everyone. One such park in the area is Legend Park. The trails here are well-known in the mountain biking community and are popular with area runners.

Legend Park is located at 550 City Road in Clayton, NC. The trails are approximately 8 miles of everything needed to sharpen your trail running skills.

The trails are separated into two sections.  The first section is known as the “lowers” and is where I usually will begin my run.  The entrance to the lowers is near the mountain bike skills area that is clearly visible as soon as you park.  Once you enter the lowers the fun immediately begins as you quickly run over the first mountain bike obstacle.

The great thing about running these trails is that the terrain is constantly changing.  One second you are on rolling hills, crossing creek beds, and the next you are running on a boardwalk.

There are even a couple of rock gardens to allow you to test that rock plate in your favorite trails shoes.  If you like to mix in a very steep hill climb every once in a while, these trails have that too.  After following the lowers trails along the creek, through the rock gardens, over the boardwalks, and up and down some pretty steep hills, it’s time to head for the “uppers”.  The uppers seem to officially start at what is referred to as Hucksville.  Hucksville is basically two giant drops that appear to be about 25 ft.  Bikers jump off the high end and roll down to the lower.  Search YouTube for video of guys going off of them if you are interested.

After passing Hucksville the trail continues to run down to the edge of Harvey’s Pond.  It is nice sometimes to stop for a sec and just enjoy the scenery.  After the pond there is a giant ravine to run down and then power back up.  Once up top, the trail allows you to either continue straight to Larry’s Loop or take the Magnolias Run trail (1.1 mile loop) to the left or  take the Little Big Horn trail (.95 mile loop) to the right.

Magnolias Run seems to be more challenging to me because of the trail weaving up and down a valley.  During the run there are several technical obstacles and bridges to enjoy (or not,), depending on one’s level of exhaustion.  This is true with Little Big Horn as well, but it doesn’t seem to be as hilly as Magnolias Run.  Both trails loop back to the top of the giant ravine so it is easy to run one and then run the other if time and/or energy permits.

For some runners these trails prove difficult.  For other runners they are easy.  I am confident however, that they are without a doubt fun for all runners.  Make plans today to take the trip the Legend Park in Clayton, NC and you see for yourself.

*There are ticks on the trails, so use repellent and check yourself thoroughly after your run.  Also, remember that mountain bikers built and maintain these trails so be respectful and yield the right of way.

I hope this review of Legend Park was interesting and informative.

Have a safe run!


–Tommy Faucette, Technical Recruiter